Slimming Belly Electric Fat Burner Lose Weight Fitness Massage Keep Fit Belt [632]

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Product synopsis:
Plastic belt is set high frequency vibration massage, magnetic therapy health in one high-tech product. It around the waist, cervical vertebra ministry, thigh, and the arm, using a number of strong force vibration massage ball against vibration, the massage, can accelerate blood circulation, dredging meridian, make fat cells fully movement, increase metabolism, play a waist, the effect of fitness.Back pain caused by acute or chronic strain of lumbar muscles, indigestion, constipation have auxiliary therapy effect; Built-in many health magnet produces a strong magnetic field, can adjust the body balance of Yin and Yang, improving.
-Item type: Lose weight belt
-Material: Polyester
-Color: Blue
-DC12V regulated power supply. Can be used in the place such as lumbar, cervical vertebra ministry. -Five vibration massage ball
-In a coffret health magnet, strong magnetic field effect formation, improve circulation
-High frequency vibration massage, accelerate the blood circulation, make fat cells movement fully, achieve slimming effect.

Get rid of body fat
Promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve constipation, detoxification, slimming
The effect of beauty
Compact layer of the skin, make skin more elastic
Promote circulation, clean up the fat in blood vessels
Slow and neurasthenia, remove mental stress
Physical therapy health care throw off fat,prevent chronic diseases
A strong internal organs, enhance the overall ability of disease resistance
To eliminate waist sour backache, relieve fatigue
1. pregnant women, heart patients, cardiovascular patients and healing at the beginning of surgery do not use this product.
2. minors should use this product under adult supervision.
3. should be away from sharp spines, not pressing or with heavy objects.
4. after each use, can drink a cup of pure water, to supplement for movement of water.
5. daily use, don't use half an hour it before or after meal.
6. this product after use, please switch off the electricity.
7. use time shoulds not be more than 20 minutes at a time.

Package included:
1x Lose weight belt 

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