Rechargeable RF Radio Frequency Anti-aging Facial Skin Lifting Beauty Device [844]

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Three main functions:

1.Deep Conducting: 16 times absorb essence of nursing, gives skin adequate nutrients.
2.Dot Matrix Radio Frequency: Energy deliver efficiently, fundamentally improve the skin, lift the face and eyes.
3.Far-infrared Wave: Penetration distance up to 8010nm, directly to the dermis, stimulate activating cells, promote collagen regeneration, restore elasticity.



Power: 5W.
Frequency: 1mhz.
Charging time:3-5 hours.
Using time after full charge:1-3 hours.
Output: DC 5V-800MA.
Input: AC100V-240V.



Easy to operate, for home use.
Rechargeable and portable, can be used anywhere and anytime.
Rejuvenate skin, remove wrinkle and tighten loose skin.
More security and intelligence.