Rechargeable LED Vibration Neck Wrinkle Reduce Double Chin Remove Beauty Device [865]

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Newly adopted the bionics design concepts M shaped in dolphin tail , looks novelty and classic. The massage head is specially designed for shoulder , neck and other parts of body, streamline outlook fit for ergonomic theory, can help transporting the energy to every part of skin. The massage heads heating in 45 ℃ to activate the skin , matching with three IPL acoustic mode in low , medium and high speeds , and with blue , green, red 3 color light massage modes. This device can promote the blood circulation , stimulate the neck acupuncture points , clear the meridians, improve circulation and promote metabolism, promote the discharge of long-accumulated toxic substances & waste , slow skin cell aging , to dilute the neck profile , less swelling , relax neck , make acupuncture treatments , rapidly eliminate fatigue , restore the role of physical fitness.

Three sonic modes as low speed ( blue) , medium speed (green ) , high speed (red ) which are all make by intelligent technology , after selecting mode , when massage head contacts the skin , the vibration starts.


  1. First gear : Massaging Mode

    Vibration frequency :6200 times / min

        Working current: 350mA
        Blue Light: Blue light can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, can                activate the skin , tighten the loose the skin and shrink the pores, is good for oily          skin and sensitive skin.

  1. Second gear: Magic Heat Lifting Mode

    Vibration frequency : 9500 times / min

    Magnetic heat therapy in 45℃ +- 5℃

    Working current: 550mA

    Green Light: Green Light can improve the oxygen alternate use function of the cell , promote the skin surface microcirculation , and dredge the lymphatic & edema, meanwhile it is with the function of calming skin ,balancing skin and keeping stability of the skin.

  2. Third gear :Magic Heat Lifting Mode

    Vibration frequency : 12500 times / min

    Magnetic heat therapy in 45℃ +-5℃

    Working current: 560mA

    Red Light : Red Light can increase the cell vitality , accelerate the blood circulation , and promote the growth of fibroblasts and collagen , has significant effect in smoothing fine lines , wrinkles , firming skin , color dodging , and fading the scar.



  1. Designed for shoulder , neck and other parts of body;

  2. Promote the blood circulation;

  3. Stimulate the neck acupuncture points;

  4. Clear the meridians , improve circulation and promote metabolism;

     5. Promote the discharge of long-accumulated toxic substances & waste.