Portable Mirror Nano Face Cold Spray Moisturizing Hydrating Beauty Device [863]

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Portable Mirror Nano Face Cold Spray Moisturizing Hydrating Beauty Device uses the ultra high speed vibration technology, make water into ultrafine particles, can be quickly from the cuticle permeability basal layer, quickly replenish skin moisture loss, available to all parts of the body ,face, body and hair care.


Beauty mirror function:

1.By adopting the LED lamp and light ring shade, warm light ,whit light, mixed three speed adjustable ,10000 light mixing ,5000+ light skin test, 30 kinds of complex light environment test, solve the problems in your lift, lack of light makeup, camera noise is not good, can’t take pictures the problem of eye makeup, whenever and wherever possible to reduce the stimulation.
2.Three light(strong, medium and weak ),lightly press the light button warm light, tow light ,three light by white light in the mixture of lights ,tap again to turn off the lights ,adjust the light intensity under various conditions of light, in the dark environment can replace the use of lighting ,exquisite and durable ,Yan high value.
3.Human nature design, mirror image clear ,fine workmanship with make-up ,strong soft beads in the light dark places, such as night, morning, room light is weak ,no longer worry about foundation uneven, lipstick painted dislocation, etc.


Charging function:

Under the fuselage charging interface, there is a mobile power interface, which can charge the mobile phone or mobile device anytime and anywhere.

Deal with all kinds of skin problems easily:

  1. Dry skin:cuticle repair, help the skin rebuild a self-renewing environment, spray every day, forming a natural protective barrier.

  2. Oily skin:accelerate skin pores in the grease away the new supersedes the old ,improve acne skin problems.

  3. Sensitive skin :produces fine water, and nano atomized water.


Specification parameter:

Product model: A18
Product size: 88*80*34mm
Packing size:155*120*42mm
Tank capacity: 25m
Input voltage:5v-1A
Output voltage:5v-1A
Rated voltage :5v
Battery capacity :2000mAh
Charging time :2 hours



  1. Relieve allergic skin.

  2. Relieve sunburn is not red.

  3. Eyes dry, instead of eye drops.

  4. Mosquito bites, quick itching, swelling.

  5. To help patients with rhinitis relieve pain.

  6. Deposited mask, before opening pores to promote deep absorption.