Permanent Makeup Pen Tattoo Machine Pen Set Gun Tattooing Derma Pen [550]

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The Korean semi-permanent tattoo pen is imported from Japan and is ultra-quiet. This pen can be used in two ways: it can be tattooed or micro-needle. The needle used is a one-piece needle that is safer for customers to feel more comfortable with, powerful, hard quality, one year warranty. It adopts aluminum alloy body and has beautiful appearance. It can be used to adjust the length of needles by using the technology of rotation. It is suitable for one-off use in Europe and America. The body needle is convenient and convenient, and the needle is stable. Any beginner tattoo tattooer can learn to use the needle in one minute. It can be used for any tattoo machine.
Features and benefits
☆Using Taiwanese chip motherboards for a long time without hotening to make the power supply long
☆ When the voltage is overloaded, the power will be automatically turned off, safe and reliable.
☆Voltage of 100-240V for global voltage use
☆Power of 0-12W for all tattoo machines in the market
New tattoo eyebrow needle (new needle through tin foil blister packaging fully meets ISO and European medical standards)

Features and performance:
☆The needle mouth and needle adopt the one-time joint design hygienic ticket standard
☆Using 316 medical B needle tip steel toughness and color fast
☆Using special silent material, the nozzle is wear-resistant and the needle is stable.
☆ Built-in national standard 316 spring is strong and flexible
☆ Built-in tightly fitted with a fixed card slot for a long time using the needle does not swing
☆ Beautiful appearance, generous handshake, spiritual design, comfortable and easy to use
☆The nozzle model and the tattoo needle are the same as the secant fog
☆With this needle operation, you can save your operation time and reduce the pain of your guests.
☆With this needle, you can hold the tattoo technique in ten minutes.

 Machine performance
1) You can do tattoos or you can do facial microneedles
2) There are many types of needles, and 1R, 3R, 5R, 3F, 5F, 7F.
3) Using a disposable conjoined syringe, the needle is automatically locked, easy to insert and remove, and 100% prevent cross infection.
4) The needle depth is easy to adjust, and the precise adjustment is controlled at 0.2-0.25mm, perfect control
5) Magnetic rotating motor, low noise, punching frequency: 120-180hz
6) Simple operation, the machine has an on/off button, and can also be used with the pedal
7) All products in this store are exported to all countries in the world, quality assurance