NEW Hydra 20 gold Needles Acupuncture Screw Skin Rejuvenation Derma Roller 0.5mm [19102]

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Model Number : Hydra 20 needles
Diameter of Needle : 0.13mm
Needle Number : 20 needles
Needle Material : Titanium + 24K Gold Plated
Disinfection : 75% Ethyl Alcohol & Sterile EO Gas
Package : 12*8*2.5/1pcs/32g
N.W Weight : 21g
Needle material: Stainless steel gold plating
Packaging: Sterile sealed packaging

The goal of treatment:
Skin tightening
Acne Scars
Botulinum (Botox or Xeomin)
Thin lines
Reduced pore size

Usage phase:
1. Wash your skin in warm water.
2. Leave the top of the applicator bottle for 5-8 minutes with approximately 5-8% alcohol.
3. Flush the applicator bottle with alcohol.
4. Place the liquid extract on the applicator bottle. Carefully screw
Go back to the vial. Shake the vial gently 2-3 times.
5. Remove the safety and hygiene cover.
6. Gently apply the hydra needle to the skin surface. Extract up to
The liquid is completely absorbed by the face.


Excellent quality micro needle roller system.

Effectively improve scar, stretch marks, acne, etc.

Promote blood circulation and make your skin tighten, elastic.

Made of Titanium material, no side effect friendly and harmless.

Can be applied onto the entire body, the arms, hands, legs, thighs, body, abdomen, face, etc.


1 * Derma Roller.