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Detectors for cool treatment and hot treatment

A. Detector for cool treatment: it is very gentle, made the sensitive skin a ice cool

feeling, remove the red spots, calm and release the pains. Massage the face muscles

according to grain on the face( move slowly in straight line or in circle).

 B. Detector for hot treatment: it makes a warm feeling, helps the absorption of

products, accelerate the facial blood circulation, get rid the unnecessary fats.

Massage the face  muscles  according to grains on the face, different skin with

different setting time.


Preparation before the treatment

Prepare the necessary apparatus and additional normal skin creams. Tell your

client the needed time for the whole process and the cool or hot feeling during

the treatment, let the client had psychological preparation.

 A. Clean the skin before treatment, use some creams or lotions.

B. Sterilize the stick for cool treatment with medical alcohol or use other sterilizer.

C. According to the operation process turn on the switch, in the front side with a

switch is detector for cool treatment, on the side is the detector for hot treatment.



A. Massage effects. Relax the muscles with fine massage to  cells and active the

skin. With high-speed massage the fat can be reduced.

 B. Warm and heat effects. The skin inside will be warm and heat to accelerate the

blood circulation and lymph  circulation.  It makes the  normal metabolism of

cells and active the  metabolism  of skin surface. The skin looks  younger  and

the fat will be easy loose.


Operation cautions

1. Clean the facial make-up and the body dirt to get the best effects.

2. Don't dip the apparatus in the water. Please use dry cloth to wipe it.

3. Please restart power or press the Start \Stop key after 6 seconds interval



1,When the  Cool  function  is  working,  please don't  touch  the

cool detector with component which is in high temperature.

2,When the Cool function stopped, the cool detector  will feel warm

because the heat can be conducted.

3. This machine is not suit for the person who corporeity weakness,

reaction slow or impediment penman(include children)use, unless  

it guide by the person who had safe responsibility and safe use.

4. The children should be supervise that make sure they not play

the machine.