Promotions Beauty Device LED Therapy Ion Skin Care Red/Green Lights Lead-in Machine [957]

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How to use it?
Holding the ion beauty instrument with one hand, the thumb and the fingertip touch two metal positions at the same time.
Then,the beauty instrument automatically turns on the red light mode and automatically switches to the green light status after 3 seconds. 
The beauty instrument will automatically stop working after the finger leaves the beauty instrument for 1 second.
1. Lead-in nourishment and brighten skin 
2. Ionized and massaged to remove dirty in the pores instead of hands, clean the skin thoroughly
3. Red light stimulates collagen rejuvenation and enhances skin elasticity
4. Green light restores UV damage to skin, removes melanin, fades pigmentation 
1. Red Light and Green Light switch automatically, more effective
2. Ion therapy clean the skin and pores thoroughly. Import skin care products better than by hands.
3. Small size, touch operation, easy to carry. 
Powder: 2pcs x AAA battery, don't included in the package. 
1x Machine
1x Instruction
1x Gift box
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