New 10 PCS Micro needle cartridges supplier dr pen ultima A7 [937]

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12/36 / Nano / cartridges for pen A7 anti aging micro needles replaced cartridge for derma Dermaroller pen

It uses micro-sized 33-gauge needles to stimulate the dermis faster than manual MTS. Electronically powered needles vertically pierce the skin to enhance rejuvenation results, maintain epidermal integrity and reduce damage. The spring-loaded Dermapen needle tip uses an automated, stamp-like action, that enhances the absorption of topical solutions used during treatment and afterwards.

The penetration depth of the needles can be adjusted directly on the device, so there is no need to change the tip in order to treat areas that require deeper or more superficial treatments. The area of the tip which comes in direct contact with the skin is about 1 centimeter in diameter, which makes it easy to treat hard to reach areas inaccessible to dermal rollers.


Safer and more effective in piercing the skin than traditional skin needling rollers

Has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation

Adjustable needle depth

Highest effectiveness

Effectively treat hard-to-reach places

Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction

All needle cartridges are:

single packed

single use

sterile (using EO gas or Gamma ray radiation)

spring loaded

surgical grade stainless steel needles (33 gauge)


Imported Medical Stainless Steel/Nano wafer Imported Medical Stainless Steel/Nano wafer

1. stimulate the growth of collagen fiber.
2. Improves the microcirculation.
3. It improves the substances of activity of the product for the care of the skin in deeper layers of the skin.
4. Treatment for hair loss, fine hair.
5. Improves the scars caused by acne / Chickenpox / stroke.
6. Elimination of elastic marks and treatment of elastic marks.
7. It will be used not only for special medical care, but also for the home.
Lowest price and high quality.

1. Clean your face normally.
2. disinfection of needles with alcohol.
3. After about 15 minutes, put the end of the needles in the face and make it roll in your face.
4. Do not force the pen to the skin, but use gentle pressure.
5. clean the pen after use, store it in a dry and clean place.

1. Remember to disinfect before using it.
2. Do not use, if you have the following problem:
Purulent inflammation of the skin or skin of acne, Severe atopic dermatitis Diabetes and severe hypertension.