Promotions Makeup Tattoo Kit Contour Style Permanent Body Eyebrow Machine +30 PCS Needles [401]

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Product Description:

a. Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Machine Gun
Material: Aluminum & Stainless Steel.
Running Frequency: 12000-15000r/m
Working Voltage:
Input: 110 - 240V, suitable for worldwide use.
Output: 0-12V, suitable for worldwide use.
Weight: 180g
Color: Silver
Suitable for body tattoo and eyebrow tattoo, minimally invasive plastic surgery;
Easy to operate, coloring fast, do not fade;
Rotation stable, less vibration, low noise muffled;
Disposable body tattoo or eyebrow tattoo Needles, can change the needles size just you like;
It won't appear the phenomenon of human infection;
The working life is two twice longer than ordinary permanent makeup machines.
b. LCD Power Controller
New Design, easy to control and light to carry.
Use the Taiwan Chip motherboard, not burning by long time use, and make the power supply has long life;
The power will shut down automatically when the voltage overload, which it's safe and reliable;
It can switch between two machines at the same time, makes the operation more efficient;
Working time can adjust at will use probability size, suitable for all kinds of parts and skin;
Working voltage: 110-240V, suitable for global use;
Rated running power: 15V 1A, suitable for all tattoo machines use;
With manual and brake pedal switch can make the operation more convenient to control;
WIth computer LCD can automatically display power, operating time and switch data.
c. Tattoo Foot Pedal Switch
Material: Silicone.
Stable, don't skid.
Operation is multifunctional, can match all tattoo power supply.
d. Aluminum alloy Bracket
Material: Aluminum alloy.
Use soft silicon, which it's not easy to slide when the machine starts.
10pcs 1RL Needles, 10pcs 3RL Needles, 10pcs 5RL needles.
Package Includes:
1 x Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Machine Pen
1 x LCD Power Controller
1 x Foot Pedal
1 x Aluminum alloy Bracket
1 x 30pcs Needles (1RL, 3RL, 5RL each size 10pcs)

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