LED Face Acne Treatment RF EMS Ultrasonic Skin Lifting Facial Beauty Device[856]

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About the product:

Working Principle: EMS Electroporation Activate collagen recombination and growth, through the specific EMS electric current can stimulate muscle movement, so that to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and will not cause any damage to skin.Positive & Negative Pulse By specific output pulse current, the positive and negative pulse electrodes alternate to stimulating the skin, makes the skin internal organization of contration and relaxation movement.High Frequency (RF) The characteristics of high frequency is flowing in the shortest distance between the electrode, according to the specialty of high frequency and resistance of biological tissue, it will produce energy in the easy flowing parts, it means will produce heat.LED Light It is using the imported light source with high purity and high brightness, will not cause any damage to skin; red, blue and yellow these three color lights, will bring skin brightness.Warm Therapy The result of EMS electric current and high frequency will get feeling of warm and firming, it will promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.