Ion Massage Vibration Facial Anti-aging Whitening Skin Care Beauty Device [796]

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When iontophoresis the water-soluble nutrients more effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, the direct supply nutrients to the skin, 
makes the pigment and pigment deposition site can effectively break down, can deeply broken fat and achieve skin tightening effect, can quickly eliminate facial excess fat, can ionized the scream smear on the skin, and then wherein the active ingredient quickly penetrate deep into the skin to make it fully absorbed. 

Main functions:

1. Whitening & fade pigmentation
Completely remove horny and dirt, makeup deposition and thoroughly discharge of skin harmful substances
2.Firming skin
Activating aging and elasticity lost cell , firming slack skin
3. Refreshing massage
Relieve fatigue, relieve stress, refreshing, to improve the sub-health
4. Effective wrinkle
Repairing nasolabial folds, forehead wrinkles, smooth facial lines
5.Deeply lead-in
Deeply lead-in, moisture replenishment eliminate eye wrinkles and restore elasticity
6. Ultimate soothing
Fade dark circles, improve eye bags and restore beautiful eyes



1. Ion Leading in nutrition, which is famous and popular used in Europe and America around 30 years. 

2. Ion leading-in adopts from the Galvanic current to ionize nutrition then further lead into deep skin rapidly resulting in more healthy and transparent skin. 

3. It helps increasing absorption of serum by 4 times. 

4. Regain healthy and transparent skin by using 10 minutes per day. 

5. Nutrition leading in is to make the water soluble nutrients penetrate into the deep layer of skin more effectively, provide nutrition to the skin directly, resolve the pigment and the pigment of deposited areas effectively, give the effects of deep-level fat smashing, skin tightening, eliminating of the excessive fat of the face. 

6. It also can ionize the whitening & anti-wrinkles essence applied on the skin to further permeate the active ingredients into the deep skin layer and achieve better absorption. 

7. It can improve nutrition absorption, repair fibrous tissue and regain skin elasticity. 

8. Easy to use, comfortable, safe and helpful, travel style. 

9. One piece of AA battery is required. (not included) 

Package includes:
1 x Face Massager
1x User Manual
1x Packing Box (Battery are not included)