Hot&Cold Face Hammer 2 Colors LED Vibration Massager Anti Aging Beauty Device[855]

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Function Instruction:

Warming massage:Using 42°C constant temperature to diastolic pore, promote the blood of circulation,accelerates metabolism,eliminates toxins.
Cooling massage: Using 10°C constant temperature to shrink pore,lock in water of skin,eliminates facial welling when getting up in the moring
Vibration massage:Effectively stimulates the skin,the skin elastic
LED red light care:Deep in the bottom of skin,improve blood criculation,promote skin metabolism,actives cell and collagen,eliminatestoxin and beautifies skin,improves pigmentation,and recovers skin elasticity
LED blue light care:Anti-inflammatory,reduces acne,relieves facial flush,good for acne treatment

Product specification

Product model:SR-HC179

Weight :161G

Product measurement:16.2*4.8*4.8cm

Input power:5W

Temperature: 10-42℃

Charging time:about 2 hour

Battery lifetime: Warming 60mins ,Cooling 40 Mins