Handheld Facial Hot Cold Hammer Blue LED Light Skin Lifting Beauty Device [033]

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1.Calm down skin facial cold hammer 

2.Shrink pore,skin tighten,skin lift 

3.Skin whiten,skin clean

 Cold and Hot Instrument Principle Brief Introduction:

The cold hot balance massages,is a technique with new hairdressing which brings about in the world in the near future.Accelerating the metabolism promotes blood circulation, skin is soft and white got a lot of vinegar.When hot massages, the body still is subjected to the massage of frozen bio-chemical effect at the time of being massaged by physical machine, urging skin is stimulated by refrigeration, have already extended of thepore steps up constringency with tiny and circulating hair thin blood vessel. 


Having the to build up skin metabolizes velocity, expeling discard toxin, to the eye bag, the cancellation of black eye contain certain result.

Enhance the gum original fiber in the meantime, make the skin change of have flexibility tightly and actually, comfort crease, fish tail line.


 Cold hot alternation usage, to the hairdressing add, multiply each other mutually of result, ability the nature activates cell to the last man, improvement, decontamination skin quality, is health, hairdressing the best health instrument.


Cold hammer(5):

1.Be exclusively used for curing a sensitivity skin

2.Can sooner and more avaiably the opposite department allergic skin have the town calm down function

3.Can immediately remove for five minutes red and swollen, dropsy, stop a itch, go eye bag, solve to bring many skineses unwell face  hairdressing sharp weapon because of allergy, let the skin reply a health nature thoroughly.

4.For the blush from shame phenomenon in the air condition building, the result is very good.

5.Can also used for the assistance treatment that the child gets a fever to have fever

  Hot hammer(40):

1.Accelerate product absorption, promote metabolism

2.Warm up, make the person feel warm and comfortable, have already relaxed a muscle, equilibrium self-discipline nerve, solve ache,aching

3.Stimulate blood circulation acceleration, increase to contain amount of oxygen in the blood, make the pore open, the blood vessel extends to enhance, making the nourishment composition of skin absorb quickly, is the most gentle and comfortable valid ducting method.

4.Strengthen skin metabolism velocity, make the organization contain hot result to build up, the nature expels discare toxin, having certain result to the cancellation of eye bag, black eye.

 Blue LEDs(12pcs/side)

 Blue light is the coldest ray, which can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, firm the flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill corynebacterium acne and markedly improve red spot, oily skin and severely sensitive skin

 Technical Parameters:


 Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz