Eye Care Cold & Hot Massage Instrument RF Vibration Remove Wrinkle Beauty Device [887]

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Portable and elegant appearance, ergonomic massage head, suit for T-zone eye part.

USB rechargeable design, easy to use, home use and travel use freely.

Adjust the temperature intensity level according to skin type and personal preference.

Warm compress(40°C to 42°C):

uses gentle vibration and warm heat to open the skin pores and refresh skin, relieve dark circles, eliminate eye edema

Cool compress(8°C to 5°C): Shrink the skin pores, lock the moisture, uses together with vibration to smooth fine lines, remove wrinkles, increase natural elasticity to tighten skin.

Perfect high frequency sonic vibration:

Improve the blood circulation,relax and sooth the eyes, relieve eye fatigue.

Eye care products such as eye care essence/oil/serum should be applied with the device.

Massage the area for 3minutes and twice daily, make your eyes look refreshed and brighten.