Electronic Women Bra Breast Enhancer Enlarger Growth Beauty Device [509]

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  1. To lift the breast and prevent pendulous breast effectively at the same time make your breasts abnormality fullness and flexible.

  2. Providing breasts enough nutrition and blood containing enough oxygen, which will improves the connective tissue, effectively dredging the blood vessel, remove stagnation, effectively remove mammary gland disease, prevent breast prolapse, relaxation and deformation.

  3. Resume the elasticity of the breast for women especially for the sagging breast after parturition.

  4. Improve the sexuality of middle-age woman while enlarge and health care of their breast.

  5. Prevention of Dysmenorrhea and menstrual cycle syndrome by improving of the In creation.

  6. Postpone senility leaves women's menopause coming.


Item parameters:

Usage: 1-2times/day, 15minutes per time , use it every day;

Match with Skincare product: breast enhance cream or gel.

Working Style: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery (No battery included).

Suitable for 70A/B and 75A/B Cup.



Makes breast more healthier.

Low voltage, safe and reliable.

Enlarges female’s breast obviously in short time and prevent breast from falling down.