Electric Rechargeable Multi-functional Vibration Hair Comb Beauty Device [833]

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This product from the ball column will be germinal liquid/conditioner directly into the root of the hair, and through physical vibration massage, effectively promotes the head blood circulation, causes the head to regain the vigor gradually; positive/negative ions stimulate the sleeping hair follicle, strengthens the germinal liquid/The hair conditioner to import, the metabolic substance to export; cooperate with the illumination nursing, effectively resists, kills the scalp accessory bacterium, expands the capillary, promotes absorbs, strengthens the metabolism. Through the special comb teeth repeatedly comb the head, improve the absorption capacity of hair follicle, full play the effect of germinal liquid/conditioner, hair follicle in full absorption of nutrients, gradually regenerate new hair, healthy hair, glow. 



1.Red light wave: There is a strong activation of cells, strengthen the function of metabolism, can induce death cells to fall off, promote the regeneration of new cells.
2.Blue light wave: It has relaxing effects, relieves pain, reduces red blood cells, dissolves tissue congestion and promotes lymphatic system function, and can effectively reduce the secretion of skin grease. It has sedative anti-inflammatory effect.
3.Mixed Light wave: The biological effects and therapeutic effects of red, blue, and mixed light waves. Promote the wound and ulcer healing, but also increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, improve the immune function of the body.
4.Positive/Negative Ions: The distribution of positive and negative magnetic field, and the value of acid and alkali in the body are changed by the physical characteristics of the opposites of ions and the same sex repulsion. Positive ions form a positive ion reactor, which is derived in vitro. Anion will be beneficial to form negative electron flow, import skin. Positive ion derives harmful substances; Negative ion absorbs beneficial substances.
5.Vibration Massage: Physical vibration massage to soothe the nerves, germinal hair raising.
6.Composite/multi-position optional working mode: Each function stalls can choose compound use.
7.Ball Massage out Liquid: When the ball contact scalp Hair Germinal Liquid (conditioner and other liquids) can flow to the scalp, the liquid evenly, more than a few points, the use of comfortable and smooth.



Material: ABS+ Stainless steel 
Usage Frequency: 2 to 3 times per day 
Usage time: 5-10 minutes 
Power: MAX0.8W

Charging Voltage: DC 5v/500ma

Nursing cycle: 15 days for a cycle 

Battery Specifications: 3.7V/600mA

Vibration speed: 5000-9000R/min

Tank Volume: 12ml

Product Size: 215×60×40mm 

Product Weight: 166g

Charging Time: 2-3h

Power supply: Rechargeable

Liquid tank: Removable, washable

Ion: Positive & negative

Charging mode: Universal USB charge 

Package Listing:

1×Number of data
1×Packing box
1×Tote Bag



Removable, washable tank, convenient sanitation;
Can be used with any germinal liquid and conditioner;
Three gears vibration massage: relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation.
The nursing liquid can pass through the bead to send the liquid to the root directly, with many functions compound output.