Dark Circles Eye Bags Remove Massager Anti Wrinkle Eye Skin Care Repair Beauty Device[795]

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Eyes are the window of one’s soul and the skin around the eyes is the most tender and delicate skin,that’s why it is more easy to have problems like black eye pouch and crow’s feet and which needed your special care mostly.Only choose the suitable device and combine sue with eye care serum can help you to get away from black eye,pouch and crow’s feet.

This is a special design eye wrinkle removal device which adopts the most famous and effective wrinkle removal technology in the world-BIO current,you can feel the comfortable current flow from eyes to body through this small Micro-current Eye Elf.Not only have the effect of skin relaxing sleeping skin cell.After use,te eyes will become more bright with eye canthus lifted.Use 3 times every week,after one month constantly use,the eye wrinkle will reduce obviously.After 3 months constantly use,you will get remarkable effect with wrinkle reducing.

Effect of Bio-current:

Replenish electricity to cell for healthy growth, lifting & anti-wrinkles.

Lead-in nutrition in the deep of skin to make better absorption.
Increase collagen and elastin, accelerate metabolism and canthus lifting.
Enhance cell vigor.
Repair elastic fibers & reduce crow’s feet.
Enhance skin moisture content, moisturizing skin tendering.
Resolve essence and replenish nutrition.
Instantly relieve fatigue & remit discomfort of eyes.
Decomposition of pigment, fade out black eye spots, etc.

Package includes:

1 x Eyes Massager

1x User Manual

1x Packing Box (Battery are not included)