[ JM ] Honey Luminous Royal Propolis Mask 1 Pack/10 Sheets Facial Mask [MZ020]

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 1) Propolis / Green Propolis / Royal jelly - Nourishing and moisturizing to dry and frizzy skin

 2) The natural cellulosic sheet is light and has a good adhesion to the skin.

 3) Three peptides

 - The three peptides are fuller and rejuvenate the skin with vitality and helps to improve elasticity.

- Sodium Hyaluronate + Acetyl Hexa-peptide-8 + Palmitoyl Tri-peptide-4




 - 30ml * 10ea 


How to use:

 1) After washing the skin, arrange skin texture with toner.

 2) Take off the mask sheet and adhear to the whole skin (Remove the white film)

 3) Take off after 10-20 min and absorb the remained essence to your skin.