Promotions 3 In 1 charging Photon LED Light Therapy Skin Lifting Facial Ultrasonic Beauty Device [836N]

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 Multi-function Skincare device Home Use
Power Supply: DC6V(chargeable)
Vibration: 150times/s 
Led light color: red/blue/green 
Led light qty: 36pcs, 12pcs per color 
Thermal temperature: 40-45°c
Size: 5.5x4x11.5cm
Machine Color: white/pink/black, ship in random 


1.Multi-function beauty machine.With led light, ion, thermal,vibration massage in one set.
2.Deep cleansing " Red light+Thermal Therapy+Ion +Vibration Massage "
3.Acne Treatment " Blue light+Ion- +Vibration Massager
4.Skin Whitening “Green Light + Ion- + Vibrating Massage”
5.Multi-function Skin Care “Cyclic Light+ Ion- + Vibrating Massage”
6.Photosensitivity Skin Care “Ion- + Vibrating Massage”


2.Deep Clean / Skin Whiten /Acne treatment
3.Good for poor elasticity and baggy skin; wrinkles and fishtail lines; and dull skin and coarse pores.
4.Improves poor absorption, permeability, and metabolism.
5.Ion skin care to shrink skin pores, soften cuticle, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, and improve absorption of nutrients.
6.Comes with instructional tips for application. 



1xSkin Lifting Facial Massage Machine,
1xEnglish Manual, 
1xProtective cover, 
1xCosmetic cotton cover .