Promotions Beauty Device Led Digital Facial Skin Analyzer Tester Moisture Oil Content [912]

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Latest bioelectrical impedance analysis technology
This meter is a high precision skin moisture oil content analyzer
which adopted the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis technology,
it can guide you in having a professional skin nursing without any injuries.
Using Methods:
1. Press "SCAN"for one time, backlight and "Bi" signal tone on, then data flashes on LCD display.
2. After the LCD data back to zero (which means the double LCD display shows 00.0%), we enter the test process.
3. Let the probe be perpendicular to your skin and close to it, (Remember to press the probe as much as possible.) After about 3 second long "Bi"signal tone, LCD will display percentage of moisture and oil content simultaneously.
4. Press the "SCAN"any time, it will enter the operating readiness process, then you can retest your skin.
5. 20 seconds after the test, the backlight will off, 40 seconds without any operation, the analyzer will power off automatically.
Package Includes:
1 x Digital Moisture Oil Content Analyzer (don't include battery)
1x Gift Box 
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