Promotions Beauty Device Portable EMS Radio Frequency Skin Tighten RF Beauty Massager [943]

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The instrument is compact ,with ultra-high power.In low-range mode,effectively ease the tired skin,gentle and comfortable massage,at the same time,improve the oxygen content of the skin and supplement nutrients.In mid-range mode,help to pull the outline of the face,restore clear lines,improve fine wrinkes,especially the dark circles,pouch under the eyes,fine lines.In high-range mode,the effectivly improve many problems of natural aging skin,such as nasolabial folds,crow\'s feet,neck lines,etc.combined with effective anti-aging skin care products better. 
What is RF?
Through the instrument probe in contact with skin,Converts electrical energy into heat energy,Deep into the dermis, make the temperature rise,Accelerate the blood circulation to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue,Hypodermic collagen contraction tension,Stimulate collagen remodeling,To achieve multiple cosmetic effect.
What is EMS?
EMS fixed-point support and kin firming technology,which is popular in Japan\'s beauty appliances now,and it is different from the previous EMS technology,which stimulate the surface of the muscles.In a non-invasive way,deep stimulation of cell recombination,open the gap between cells and cells,which can make Skin aging substance such as lactic acid,free fatty acids,excess subcutaneous fat and so on powerful dischargem,to resist skin aging problems,reshaping the contour,reversal of skin age. 
What is Bio-sensing light energy?
It is easy to be absorbed by the skin,it will be resonated when in contact with the skin,causing the skin\'s warming effect,promote circulation,activate cells,improve their ability to regenerate,bid farewell to the problem skin,to maintain the best condition. 
Operating instruction:
The first use,you need to connect the USB cable to the charging jack,the other end connected to an external power supply,when it is under charing ,LCD screen is flashing,when it stop blinking,it means full charge,then you can start to use it. Specification:
Name:Face Beauty Device
Body color:white
Led lighting color:red
Battery capacity:less than 3.5W
Charging time:less than 3.5 hours
Working time:10 Minutes per time
Packing List:
1 main machine,
1 USB cable
1 instruction manual