Promotions Derma Roller 540 Needles Micro-Needles (2 Pack - 0.5mm / 1.0mm) [097]

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MOST EFFECTIVE DERMA ROLLER SIZE - Since there are 2 sizes included (0.5mm & 1mm) there isn't any part of the body that our rollers can't help improve your skin. In addition to its powerful anti-aging properties, customers have reported that our Micro Roller has helped to shrink pores, clear up acne, prevent breakouts, and minimize the appearance of acne scars - leaving skin proudly radiating a healthier appearance that glows

SAFE & EASY TO USE - Just disinfect before any use and roll vertically, horizontally, and diagonally on treatment area about 4 - 5 times each before applying your favorite topical skin product. Since micro needles are so tiny, the rolling process is painless and easy

RUSTED BY DERMATOLOGISTS EVERYWHERE - Proven to Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles & Fine Lines While Helping Boost Collagen, Fade Sun & Age Spots and Improved Skin Firming, Brightening, and Tone for a Smoother, Fresher, More Revitalized Youthful Complexion

HIGHEST QUALITY 540 TITANIUM - Formulated with only the highest quality 540 Grade A Titanium and nothing more. We've dedicated our company to using only the highest quality micro needles to be effective, gentle, and the perfect solution for even the most sensitive skin types

LIFETIME CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you're not happy, we're not happy. Available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns. Our dedication to satisfaction is what allows us to provide and innovate the highest quality beauty & skin care products on the market. If you are not completely satisfied with your MISSAMMY purchase, return it for a full refund. We sincerely thank you for your business and look forward to serving your skin and beauty needs. Buy as a gift or for yourself


Using recommendations

1. Sterilize roller in alcohol solution before and after each use.

2. Make sure your face is completely clean when you start this.

3. Do not puncture skin but apply pressure. Roll back and forth in desired area for 4 - 5 times. Switch direction.

4. Follow up treatment with a nice moisturizer or vitamin C serum to get your skin looking great.

5. Use once a week for optimal results.

6. Allow your skin a few days of rest every week.


- On open wounds.

- On acne or irritated skin.

- Under eyes or on lips.

- Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Package Include:

1 * ( 0.5mm )Stainless Steel Micro Needle Roller
1 * ( 1.0mm )Stainless Steel Micro Needle Roller