Promotions Cell97.7 K-beauty Balancing Solution Plus(-) For Skin Moisturized Made in Korean [816]

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Cell Balancing Solution Plus (-):
Energy water is the major ingredient of cell97.7 cell balancing solution minus.
Using the difference in skin charge, cell97.7 cell balancing solution minus rotates between positive and negative to control balance of skin, and it is a basic solution for basic skin care products that will keep skin moisturized for better application of make-up.

Energy water:
Energy water is the cosmetic ingredient registered at ICID, the interanation cosmetic ingredient dictionary which is added to all cell97.7 products.

After facial cleansing, spray a generous amount of cell balancing solution plus for absorption. Follow with cell balance solution minus evenly on face. Absorption is improved when used with essence or cream application for detter absorption, and it can also be used as facial mist.

You will see synergy effects when jointly used with cell balancing solution minus.

1x97.7 Cell Balancing Solution Plus(-)