CALA Smooth & Shine Hairbrush DUO Beauty Tool [MZ065]

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Perfect Detangling for healthy hair - Ideal for detangling wet or dry hair - Soft, flexible bristles for effortless styling without snagging or breaking.
The Hair Brush Duo includes a Wet-N-Dry Oval Brush & a Styling Roll Brush, which are the ideal tools for detangling wet & dry hair. Its soft, flexible bristles allow you to effortlessly style your hair without snagging or causing damage. Ideal for all hair types, including straight, curly, thick, extensions, and even wings!
New Fashion Metallic Finish Surface
Cala Wet-N-Dry Detangling Hair Brush
Perfect Detangling Wet or Dry Hair
Soft, Flexible Bristles
Ideal for All types of Hair
Cala Styling Roll Brush
Improves the health of the hair by preventing oil buildup and hair frizz.
Comes with Flexible bristles to help style and dry hair.
Round circular shape helps to create a volumizing curl.
Packing Include:
1pc Wet-N-Dry Detangling Oval Brush
1pc Styling Roll Brush
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