Waist Backbone Massage Pain Relief Laser LED Therpay Laser Massager Beauty Device [653]

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Waistcare Laser Massager is a high-tech product acquired intellectual property rights. It combines the technologies of massage, pressing,kneading and vibration with laser irradiation together. These technologies of intelligent pressure positioning are applied to lumbar to improve blood circulation. It also enhancing strength of lumbar and recovering its function of stability, supporting and protecting. It is a product with human intelligence and advanced wireless remote control technology, which making this product more humanized and convenient.


1. Model Number: RG-JYB612-I

2. Media: Semiconductor and Light Emission Diode

3. Laser light: 650nm (6pcs)

4. LED light: 630nm (12pcs)

5. Environmental Temperature: 5 oC - 40 oC

6. Relative Humidity: ≤80%

7. Power Supply: DC 6.0V, 2A (Power Adaptor)

8. Products size: 21.35*16.85*5.1 (cm)

9. Package size: 24*20*10.5 (cm)

10. Weight: 1.35kg



1. Intelligent Positioner

2. Massage and Irradiation

3. Fatigue Relief


1. Relief back muscle pain, tired, activate cells and improve the strength of waist muscle to support and fix spine more stably.

2. Have a good effect on Bulging of lumbar disc, can help waist recovery after surgery due to protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc.

3. Pain relief, remove nerve root edema, aseptic inflammation, reduce the feeling of nerve root.

4. The massage can help extend the space between spine centrum, it’s better for the recovery, protrusion of nucleus pulposus will recover to normal centrum place.

5. Help correct unnormal physiological curvature.


Please see the construction of this device as follows:

1. LCD Screen Display

2. Operating Zone

3. Power Port

4. Bandage

5. Massage and Vibration Zone

6. Semiconductor Laser Device

7. Semiconductor Luminotron


Products size: 21.35*16.85*5.1 (cm)

Package size: 24*20*10.5 (cm)
Weight: 1.35kg