NEW Electric Acupuncture Meridian Energy Massage Pen Laser Beauty Care Pen + 3 Heads Beauty Device[19002]

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The core of Chinese medicine, health promotion;
The fusion with modern biotechnology without affecting the skin for acupuncture.
Easy to use, easy to carry; safe and effective, without side effects, affordable family.

1.Health function: the probe stimulates the skin, you will feel, slip and acupuncture.set the machine to the appropriate place, then the feeling will be stronger.for a relaxed and comfortable feeling comes on it, after the machine.the pen electrophysiologically stimulates our body, directly into the body, tissues, organs, the bio-electric field, activate the radical and the adaptation of biological cells, which essentially regulate the bodysorption, metabolism, immune system heat conduction, balance, features and health care.
2. Meridian function: The joints play an important role as the human body is away from the places where the physiological waste such as cold, wet, silt, heat, toxic, bad things block. That is why the body fast arthralgia.When using acupuncture pen in the joints, the physiological waste can be cleaned, then they can feel fresh and relaxed.
3.Beauty care effect: The Meridian Energy Pen is also the face like face lift, remove the bag, dark circles and wrinkles that have an immediate effect on the face, the pen can keep you young and healthy when you are constantly with (very professional with cosmetics). If not, you can use isotonic saline or distilled water instead. For a professional contact lens, have with you professional beauty products.\
Brand new and high quality
Type: acupuncture pen
Material: ABS
Size: 23x8.5x3.2cm / 9.06x3.35x1.26 inches (approx.)
Battery: 1x AA battery (Not included)
Replaceable - head details:
- Beauty type: Superficial therapy, that goes for health and beauty.
Node type: Knot therapy, this is true for partial body hurts.
Spherical: partial therapy, that applies to quickly relieve pain.
Acupuncture tapping, type: suitable for a variety of pain, massage, for which the massage relieves the pain ..
Sraping type: applicable for acupuncture and blood circulation.
Acute and chronic pain
Sports injuries
Muscle and joint pain
back pain

Package includes
1x acupuncture points pen
1x user manual
3x heads
2x Massage cream