Beauty Device Electric Five Elements Meridian Brush Massage Brush [1004]

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  • New filter device, removable cleaning, double filter protection
  • Negative pressure cupping is better than traditional cupping, simple, convenient and fast! Very efficient
  • Bottom concave and convex design, hot power can be used to massage body parts to clear the meridians
  • Sucking, squeezing, sucking, and squeezing
  • Negative pressure gravity can be used to suck in body moisture to eliminate edema, eliminate toxins, body sculpting

Product description

Product Name:Human scraping acid analyzer
Suction gear: third gear
Output voltage: 9V
Input voltage: 100-240V
Product frequency: 50, 60HZ
Product material:ABS plastic/Titanium gold suction head
Product weight: about 1KG
Product features: scraping, sucking, massage
Product features: plug-in scraping instrument, strong suction,
Large, medium and small three operating heads,
Use for different parts