Facial Pore Cleaner Cleanser Face Blackhead Pimple Acne Suction Remover Beauty Device[686]

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Vacuum Suction:
This product adopts the 'vacuum suction firming skin thin face', the working principle of its unique vacuum system, to gently lift massage skin, promote blood and lymph circulation, make the skin becomes more compact luster.

Micro crystal line Probe:
This product is equipped with micro crystal line probe, make more than 100000 natural mineral micro crystal line drilling particles, effectively make the damaged epidermis cutin cell aging, rough flaws mobility, avoid excessive accumulation of dead skin cells, keep skin smooth, tender, bright luster.

Operation Method

1. The big round hole head's attraction is big, it can be used to suck blackhead and shape V face. After absorption of black, need to absorb moving slowly on the skin, don't suck one place all the time. Shape V face, moving from down to top, slowly from the chin up.
2. The small round hole head' s suction is week, it can be used to suck blackhead and suit for thin skin tender.
3. Microcrystalline heads mainly used for grinding and exfoliating; use no more than 2 times a week.
4. Elliptical transparent head, mainly for the wrinkle and fine lines; need to stick to the skin , quick through, repeated many times. Improve blood circulation and skin elasticity.


* vacuum suction firming skin
* prevent melanin depositing
* improving complexion 
* strengthen skin defense ability
* keeping skin tight and elastic
* fade melanin spots


Use Steps

skin-smooth and tighten function
make your face clean and dry, use skincare or steamer to open pores;
1. Change to the microcrystalline probe or the big size probe
2. Start form your chin, move the device from the bottom up;
3. Use on cheek and move it from insdie to outside
4. Use on forehead area and move it from the middle to both sides 
Clean the pore
1. Change to big size or small size circular from probe(according to your skin’s affordability);
2. Alm the round hole at the loction of the blackhead, acne to remove them, the levels can be changed according to your need, 
Method: whe removing blackheads, the pore can move on that area slowly and frequently, but don’t moving back and forth, please move it to one direction; for acne , pls pull away the machine once it suctioned. 


Package Includes: 

1x Pore Cleanser Suction Blackhead Remove Machine
1x Microcrystalline Probe
1x Oval Probe
1x Small Size Circular Form Probe
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual