Electric Anti-Aging Wrinkle Dark Circle Removal Ionic Vibration Eyes Massage Pen Beauty Device [832]

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Electric Anti-Aging Wrinkle Dark Circle Removal Ionic Vibration Eyes Massage Pen is applied unique design with 2 heads for face skin care and eye care. Sensitive switch for 1 head with negative ion induction, 590nm wavelength yellow light therapy & 7500 times/min micro-current vibration massage. The other head is with detachable 24K gold-plated ball roller, easy to use and clean. Portable with 1PC AAA battery operated (not included), convenient to carry. 



1) Negative ION Induction Function:

Negative ion start input nutrition when the head touches your skin, the powerful anion can introduce nutrition ingredients into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue effectively, so as to keep the skin cells elasticity and vigor.

2) 7500 Times/Minute Vibration Frequency Massage:

7500RPM vibration massage promote and improve blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism, help massage the pores to open and promote better absorption of essence.

3) 590nm Wavelength Yellow Light Therapy:

Decompose the pigment, Reduce spot and fleck. Increase the lymph drain toxin. Toning and tightening the muscle.

4) Detachable 24K Gold-Plated Ball Roller: 

By ballpoint massage, the 24k gold-plated ball roller generates energy elements of gold, release the active ingredients, activate subcutaneous fibrous tissue, promote collagen, thereby strengthening the tightness of collagen fibrous tissue. Then the skin becomes soft, firm and elastic. What's more, it also eliminates free radicals, anti-oxidation, and build long-term defense of skin aging core systems, so as to effectively relieve eye fine lines, crow's feet and nasolabial fold.


Type:  Anti-wrinkle Device 

Certification: CE 

Power: 120mW 

Material: ABS + Metal 

Operation System: High Frequency 

Color: pink, white, gold (randomly)

Vibrating Frequency: 7500 times/minute 

Unit Size: 130x20x20mm 

Unit Weight: 38g 

Power Supply: 1 X AAA battery operated (not included) .

Package: Blister Tray + Color Box